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zweikommasieben is a music magazine from Switzerland. Every issue sheds the previous direction and starts new. This issues features a custom typeface by Kaj Lehmann that's kind of an ultra-slant Bodoni and can be nicely summed up here: “the nature of time also shows itself in the design—a design initially looking for an aesthetic of speed but ultimately as much a reflection of pausing as of deceleration and acceleration. And in this attempt to give form to time, there’s also the primordial-musical”.

We’ve talked about the design, but the magazine is also an excellent read on contemporary music. They interview John Maus about his time between albums, Anna Sagström and Daniel Iinatti discussing “accelerationist force of globalization”, and Alessandro Cortini on the private retrospective of 1970s Italy in Avanti. The issue also features interviews with Anna Homler, Errorsmith, Further Reductions, Gabber Eleganza, Jasss, Ossia, Peter Rehberg and Renick Bell; conversations with Russell Haswell and between Christoph Fringeli, Simon Crab and Nigel Ayers; a portrait on Mmodemm; an essay by DeForrest Brown Jr.; columns on gender in dancehall (“Basslines”), authenticity of field recordings (“Track Down Fiction”), pictures from Georg Gatsas (“We Are Time”) as well as poetry with “Sound Texts”; and contributions by Angoisse, Ipek Gorung & Ceramic TL and Jay Glass Dubs.

– Designed by Kaj Lehmann
– 9.5 in × 12.25 in (24 cm × 31 cm)
– 188 pages
– Waterproof plastic cover