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If you’re a designer you probably use type all the time. Maybe you’ve wondered how a typeface is made or you’ve had an idea for your own typeface. By learning the basics of designing type, you will better understand letterforms and how to put them to work in your designs.

Through this class, you will be equipped with the skills to design your own typefaces and wordmarks. The class will feature a mix of hands-on experience and learning the tools and theories behind designing type. Your weekly homework (~2.5 hours) will focus on expanding on the in-class exercises in a productive way.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of type design
  • Tools to design typefaces and wordmarks
  • Familiarity with Glyphs app (don’t worry if you don’t have it – we have extended trials for everyone)

    This workshop is perfect for you if you

    • Have no (or almost no) experience with Glyphs app
    • Use type but want to know how to make it

      – Instructed by Thierry Blancpain of Grilli Type
      – 6 weeks
      – Oct. 16–Nov. 20
      – Wednesday 7–9:30pm
      – Limited to 11 students

      Because our goal is to make workshops as accessible and affordable as possible, we're offering two free spots to Type Design for Designers on a merit-basis. Please tell us why you're the #1 (or #2) candidate for this program! The deadline to apply is Friday, September 27th. Apply here →


      ① What if I sign up and want to cancel? You’re welcome to find a replacement for your spot, but we don’t offer refunds.

      ② What if I miss a class? Since we’re covering a lot of material in only 6 weeks, we recommend trying to make it to every class. Stuff happens, of course, so we’ll connect everyone in class so you can get caught up from your fellow students.

      ③ What if I go to the class and don’t like it? We’d love to hear your feedback on what we can do better. Unfortunately we can’t offer any refunds.

      ④ What if there aren’t enough people? We need a minimum number of people to hold class. We’ll send you an email a week before the first class to confirm. If we don’t hit that number, we’ll refund your money.