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The Palace of Typographic Masonry was established as a foundation on 15 May 2018. The foundation pursues the following objectives:

1. Provide a physical and/or virtual environment for the creation of graphic design and a platform for the publication and presentation of associated work – graphic or otherwise;
2. Build a reference framework for graphic design;
3. Familiarise a diverse audience with a varied and relevant graphic design landscape;
4. Draw attention to graphic design as a unique discipline and profession;
5. Promote the recognition of individuals who have proven important to graphic design as a profession and/or the development of the field.

The Palace of Typographic Masonry was published as a book in September 2018. The book posits a model of graphic design built like a palace and dedicated to the splendor and diversity of the graphic languages. The volume invites you to tour the palace, exploring the varied realms of typography from Arabic to Zapotec. It is a celebration of global graphic splendor.

– 348 pages
– 8.5 x 11.5 inch
– A guided Tour by Dirk van Weelden
– Published by Spector Books