David Pye, back at it again with the good questions! This book investigates the meaning of craftsmanship in a completely mechanized age. It was written in the sixties, and since then, things have only gotten weirder.

Pye, who we've described in the bio of another book of his in our collection as the college professor you like who gives class readings you're actually interested in, explores the meaning of skill, and proposes a new theory of making based on the concepts of “workmanship of risk’ and ‘workmanship of certainty’.

It makes us consider, when we do work a machine could do, what values, insights and lessons does our own labor – time, the honing of craft, the lineage of those who have crafted with the same tools before us – impart into us as makers?

– cool 8.5"×11" format
– 142 pages
– Black/white