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John Caserta founded the Design Office 2007. Since, it’s become a center for professional designers and the broader design community in Providence – a shared studio for a core group of members, an event space, and a point of gathering and conversation. This book chronicles ten years at the Design Office by asking the question, “what have we learned that we can share with others?”

Talk Listen Door is a book of fifty entries by members of the Design Office sharing advice, anecdotes and moments that marked growth and progress for the space and its members. It's a great blueprint for those looking to self-start design spaces, and a rich account of creative community for everyone else.

– Edited by Sarah Verity, John Caserta, Nic Schumann, and Lucinda Hitchcock

– Designed by Sarah Verity

– Published by The Design Office, 2017

– Printed in a limited edition of 150 copies

– Softcover, 174 pages, full color on multi-colored paper, 5.5 × 8.25 inches