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Use All Five made this book about the city they're in. As New Yorkers, we’re a little on the fence about calling LA a “city,” but this bright, beautiful book is a profound vision of that unclassifiable golden coast anomaly.

Sunset Market Plaza celebrates the cultural impact of strip-malls in Los Angeles, featuring a directory of the best strip-malls in LA, along with material about the strip-mall’s history, and visual reimaginings of the strip-mall in our future. Use All Five worked closely with Shaina Goel to produce many of the book’s texts, including descriptions of strip-mall businesses and short essays. Artist Catherine Opie contributed a selection of her Mini-Malls photo series. Urban planning scholar Jonathan Crisman interviewed influential strip-mall developer Sam Bachner. Together they discuss the historical precedents that shaped the strip-mall’s present-day ubiquity.

In our East Coast minds, there will always be something foreign and romantic about the street culture of the City of Angels: its golden-glinted windshields at sunset, its web of streetlights glowing like an exposed motherboard, that strange phenomenon some call “Validated Parking.” What was less romantic was a recent experience accelerating uphill on a Lime scooter at 3.5 MPH through morning traffic in Echo Park. Some things we may never really get the hang of in LA.

– Edited by Use All Five and Shaina Goel
– Designed by Use All Five
– Published in 2019
– 165 pages
– Softcover spiral bind, 7.5 x 10.25 in
– ISBN: 978-0-578-48433-4
– Edition of 200