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FREE, courtesy of Parsons School of Design.

This is the first issue of SCREEN, entitled “The Prototype.” Screen was made by some of Jacob’s students from the Parsons MFA program –– thats why hes featured so prominently here (also he took the photos).

As technology moves communication into a more digital and intimate environment, Screen aims to observe design through a curious, honest and accessible lens.

Prototypes have always been necessary during the design and development of experiences within society. Designers can approach prototyping differently depending on factors like goal, function or purpose. However, this iterative process answers the heart of the problems they seek to solve with time. It modifies pre-existing understandings. It leads to endless possibilities. It becomes an ever-changing movement.

SCREEN aims to explore prototyping through a collection of interviews, essays, illustrations, presentations, sketches, and photographs; each tapping into this phenomenon in an inspiring way.

“This issue is our prototype.”

– Designed and edited by Patrick Serr, Patricia Robinson & Samia Husari
– 117 pages
– Color images
– 6" x 8.5"