“This is the first complete standard typebook for digitized text and display typefaces. It is an essential aid for graphic designers, typographers, publishers, compositors and printers. Contained in 2024 pages there is a collection of 751 important typefaces of the Western World, reproduced to the highest standards. The old classical authors of typography, together with the latest creations of internationally renowned type designers are shown in connection with the latest computer techniques — the New Typography. On two pages, each typeface is presented in 17 sizes and 21 blocks of text with the complete layout of 118 font characters. Through the additional variable line feed and spacing examples it is easy to select the preferred option. 112 type families are shown with a total of 680 individual typefaces on each of two pages in interesting and stimulating combinations. Through the finely graded modifications, so far unrecognized qualities of many typefaces can be found. Through the many visual stimulations and technical details this book will become an essential tool for anyone working with type and typography on a regular basis.”

This was true in 1985 and it's true now too. In the age of Glyphs and the renaissance of independent type foundries, this book anthologizes the classics and puts into context many of the moves contemporary foundries are making today.

– Vol 1. A–F: 797 pages
– Vol 2: G–Z: 1799 pages
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