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Because our goal is to make workshops as accessible and affordable as possible, we're offering one free spot to Photoclub on the basis of financial need. Please tell us why our free scholarship should go to you! The deadline to apply is Wednesday February 19th. Apply here → 

Photoclub is designed to stimulate new ideas and techniques using the medium of photography. Each week we’ll showcase inspiring photography or provide a mini-workshop and set an assignment that will push you to use photography in new and interesting ways. This is not a technical class, instead expect lively creative sessions where you will learn about photographers, be inspired to shoot something different and share your work with like-minded individuals in a friendly space :)


Other things to note:

– You do not require a specific camera to join the club, any image making device will do.
– You can know a lot or very little about photography and still join.
– To culminate the workshop we will put together and publish a photo-book of our outcomes from each week’s assignment.

Instructor Bios:
Aaron Bengochea is a photographer based in NYC with experience in publishing, commercial, and fine art photo work.
Olivia Charlesworth is a multidisciplinary designer who previously taught an experimental design course at Pratt Institute, and a member of the XXXI studio community.

– Four weeks
– Wednesday nights
– Feb 26
– Mar 18
– Limited to 9 students


① What if I sign up and want to cancel? You’re welcome to find a replacement for your spot, but we don’t offer refunds.
② What if I miss a class? Since we’re covering a lot of material in only 6 weeks, we recommend trying to make it to every class. Stuff happens, of course, so we’ll connect everyone in class so you can get caught up from your fellow students.
③ What if I go to the class and don’t like it? We’d love to hear your feedback on what we can do better. Unfortunately we can’t offer any refunds.
④ Why is it $75? We think that education shouldn’t be for rich people so we try to keep things reasonable. For comparison, we’ve seen online classes for $500 and they go up from there. ⑤ What if there aren’t enough people? We need a minimum number of people to hold class. We’ll send you an email a week before the first class to confirm. If we don’t hit that number, we’ll refund your money.