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O1 magazine is named after a visa classification for foreign workers, granted by the United States to “individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts.” Issue No. 3 takes the form of a type specimen, and features the work of foreign-born type designers who are currently working (or have recently worked) in the U.S. An otherwise conventional format, this type specimen doubles here as an interpretation of their individual experiences of America.

– Featuring typefaces by Maria Doreuli, edition.studio (Victoire Coyon and Adrien Menard), Cem Eskinazi, Ben Ganz, Raoul Gottschling, Chester Jenkins, Sun Helen Isdahl Kalvenes, Calvin Kwok, Troy Leinster, Camila Leone, Tien-Min Liao, Jangs Müller, Raf Rennie, Zuzanna Rogatty, June Shin, Rory Simms, Sara Soskolne, Nina Stössinger, My‑Lan Thuong, Andrea A. Trabucco‑Campos, and Daniel Wenzel
– 11" x 17"
– Edited by Jenny Hung