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Imagine going to the Natural History Museum for an exhibition on the Neolithic Era. Tools, artifacts, speculations of how life was, how people thought and behaved, and all the whys as posited by critical specialists and theorists of our modern era.

Museum of Capitalism is an epitaph to something some of us wish were as dead and gone as the Stone Age. Sometimes when a thing is over, we can understand it better than while we're living in its present. The works included in this book, created by Oliver Ressler, Sayler / Morris, Dread Scott, and Temporary Services, among others, combined with the original Isotype graphics drawn from the Museum’s lexicon of “capitalisms,” and texts by Lucy Lippard, Lester K. Spence, T.J. Demos, Chantal Mouffe, McKenzie Wark and Kim Stanley Robinson, among others, do just that. They allow us to reflect on the conditions of our present, and – possibly – imagine an alternative.

– Edited by FICTILIS
– 7.5 in × 9.75 in (19,05 cm × 24,7 cm)
– 208 pages
– hardcover
– Design by IN-FO.CO