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There's a lot of anxiety about local versus global these days. A global view is great for everything from welcoming immigrants, to learning new languages, or trying new foods. But if you're talking about small businesses or fresh produce, local is the way to go.

Maybe that’s what Colophon is saying with the duality of these new totes, though I think it’s probably a reference to their always-open website full of delightful fonts and related items.

Anyway, there’s nothing anxiety inducing about these bags. The typeface is nothing but F.U.N. and the shape is perfect for all your locally grown veggies with room to spare for that nice knick-knack you brought back from your last trip overseas.

– Black, heavyweight 8oz, landscape canvas tote bags with white and fluorescent yellow screenprint both sides.
– 480mm × 380mm
– 8oz canvas tote bag
– Two colour screenprint both sides