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This workshop was supposed to be run IRL on 9th St. back in March, but was postponed due to Covid. We have decided to run it digitally instead, which means we’re no longer limited by space.

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Freelancers, business-owners, and in-house designers: Now’s your chance to learn what all that stuff in your MSA means! Hannah Samendinger is an independent attorney, specializing in contract and intellectual property law for creatives and entrepreneurs. She’s coming to XXXI for the first of what we hope will be a series of legal forums for designers, to explore the topics of intellectual property, contracts, and legal entities, and answer your questions about what the heck all this means.

The course will cover (a) the basic principles of these areas, (b) the benefits to understanding them and protecting your rights, (c) how a designer may interact with each area, (d) specific considerations for designers in each area, and (e) helpful resources. The course will also focus on questions brought by the attendees.

— Wednesday 5/6
— 6 – 8pm EST
— Suggested donation $20
Venmo: @hannah-samendinger
PayPal: h@samendinger.law