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Because our goal is to make workshops as accessible and affordable as possible, we're offering one free spot to Intro to Coding on the basis of financial need. Please tell us why our free scholarship should go to you! The deadline to apply is Wednesday February 5th. Apply here →

Intro to Coding for Designers is an entry-level class that teaches designers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Over six weeks, up to 9 students will be led through a series of experiments that demonstrate conceptual knowledge of code, enforced by weekly homework assignments. Though abstract in their output during class, these experiments are designed to be applied pragmatically to web projects in the future.

To guide our study, we’ll ask questions like, what can code contribute to our skillsets that other methods cannot? What is the relationship between the design world and the World Wide Web? What parallels can be drawn between the development process and our non-browser-based design processes? How can we design with sympathy for and understanding of the way the web is engineered?

Expect a lively session of evening classes, a group of peers and an open learning environment. We will culminate the workshop with a group exhibition of class experiments at XXXI.

– Instructed by Lukas Eigler-Harding
– 6 weeks
– Monday nights
– Limited to 9 students

Week 1: February 10
Week 2: February 17
Week 3: February 24
Week 4: March 2
Week 5: March 9
*No class March 16 — Catch-up week!*
Week 6: March 23


① What if I sign up and want to cancel? You’re welcome to find a replacement for your spot, but we don’t offer refunds.

② What if I miss a class? Since we’re covering a lot of material in only 6 weeks, we recommend trying to make it to every class. Stuff happens, of course, so we’ll connect everyone in class so you can get caught up from your fellow students.

③ What if I go to the class and don’t like it? We’d love to hear your feedback on what we can do better. Unfortunately we can’t offer any refunds.

④ Why is it $300? We think that education shouldn’t be for rich people so we try to keep things reasonable. For comparison, we’ve seen online classes for $500 and they go up from there.

⑤ What if there aren’t enough people? We need a minimum number of people to hold class. We’ll send you an email a week before the first class to confirm. If we don’t hit that number, we’ll refund your money.