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The paradigm of communication has changed. And so did politics and social communication. From being the society of information, we become the society of emotion. From the US to Brazil, from Brexit to Puerto Rico, this radical change is disrupting our scenario, our culture and our daily life. What once was science-fiction, now is possible. And if anything is possible, there’s space to create.

Over an intense weekend, participants will conceptualize a speculative political initiative—beit a candidate, a party or a movement—and create a fictional communication campaign for a candidate for USA 2020. The workshop is anti-disciplinary and open to the most diverse creators: graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, philosophers, writers, or activists.

It will be a laboratory of ideas and communication where we will use design and art as a narrative tool for futures thinking, social reflection, and political imagination, entwining experimentation, provocation, performance, humour and fun.

El paradigma de la comunicación ha cambiado. Y también la política y la comunicación social. No somos la sociedad de la información. Somos la sociedad de la emoción. Desde los EE. UU. hasta Brasil, desde el Brexit hasta Puerto Rico, este cambio radical de realidad política está alterando nuestro escenario, nuestra cultura y nuestra vida cotidiana. Lo que una vez fue ciencia ficción, ahora es posible. Y si todo es posible, hay espacio para crear.

Durante un fin de semana intensivo, los participantes conceptualizarán una iniciativa política especulativa, ya sea un candidato, un partido o un movimiento, y crearán una campaña de comunicación ficticia para un candidato para Estados Unidos 2020.

El taller es anti-disciplinario y está abierto a los creadores más diversos: diseñadores gráficos, fotógrafos, cineastas, artistas, músicos, filósofos, escritores o activistas. Será un laboratorio de pensamiento crítico y comunicación donde utilizaremos el diseño y el arte como una herramienta narrativa para la creación de futuros, la reflexión social y la imaginación política, entrelazando la experimentación, la provocación, el arte performativo, el humor y la diversión.


Vincenzo Angileri is an award-winning creative director based between Barcelona and Mexico City. He is Head of Education at the Barcelona creative think-tank Acid House in partnership with ELISAVA and VICE MEDIA, and former Editorial Director and Strategist at the creative agency Folch Studio. His work moves across speculative design, research, strategy, narratives, creative writing, and performance.

In the past year he has run a year-long design course about fictional countries at ELISAVA School of Design. Vincenzo is the proud founder of the fake nation The Plastic Kingdom of the Pacific Ocean. In 2020, he will be directing a MA in Speculative Documentary in Acid House and releasing his first book, published by Planeta/Temas de Hoy.

– Instructed by Vincenzo Angileri of Acid House
– 2 day intensive 
– Nov. 9 + 10
– Sessions are 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm
– Limited to 16 students
– $100 for the first five signups, $130 after that
– This is a multi-language workshop we encourage participants to use their native languages

Because our goal is to make workshops as accessible and affordable as possible, we're offering one free spot to Create Your Own Political Candidate on a merit-basis. Please tell us why you're the #1 candidate (ha!) for this program! The deadline to apply is Wednesday, October 30th. Apply here →


① What if I sign up and want to cancel? You’re welcome to find a replacement for your spot, but we don’t offer refunds.

② What if I miss a class? Since we’re covering a lot of material in only 6 weeks, we recommend trying to make it to every class. Stuff happens, of course, so we’ll connect everyone in class so you can get caught up from your fellow students.

③ What if I go to the class and don’t like it? We’d love to hear your feedback on what we can do better. Unfortunately we can’t offer any refunds.

④What if there aren’t enough people? We need a minimum number of people to hold class. We’ll send you an email a week before the first class to confirm. If we don’t hit that number, we’ll refund your money.