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Be the first of your friends to get this extremely limited edition, highly sought after product. Most parties have a keg of cheeseballs.  People say “disgusting”, “gross”, “chemically”, etc. As the night rolls on, more people’s hands yellow, the keg empties, and fun is had. Get this tub, keg, barrel, whatever you want to call it now. This will go fast like the cheeseballs will when you open it at your cool dj party.
Personal Anecdote
Chips are really good. As a kid I would have to go to my grandparents house when my parents did who knows what. My grandparents thought I liked visiting my great aunt but really I loved the UTZ factory. It was halfway to her house in Hanover, PA, pretzel country, perfect place to stop. Chips are great. The factory is an amusement park for chips. I spent a ton of time acquiring snacks when I was a kid and this was pretty straightforward, they would buy me whatever. Probably got sick a few times.
— Jake

– Limited edition of 2
– Factory machined
– Very premium
– Indeterminate number of cheesballz
– Artificially flavored
– Original packaging