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A magazine about graphic design with almost no “design” in it. Bricks from the Kiln is one of our favorite design magazines because it doesn’t show work but talks about a total miscellany of subjects that are entirely relevant to a practicing graphic designer. No cool kids, no branding projects, no design systems, no posters, no ceramics, just thoughtful writing. Edited by Andrew Lister & Matthew Stuart this issue deals with voice and typography (obviously). You can hum along and decode at your own pace. If you arent into the history of the punctuation mark oblique ( / ), meta interviews, songs without melodies that would smack your bum with a bat, soft rock for hard times, V. Woolfs voice, bowels of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, bell tower scores, solo interview-cum-performances; “aftereading”s; Inuktitut syllabics or a constructed conversation, you will definitely be into the black cat silk-screened onto a see-through jacket and reversed-out white text on black interior.

- Edited by Andrew Lister & Matthew Stuart
- 120 pages
- 6.75 in × 8.75 in (17 cm × 24,5 cm)
- PVC dust jacket + insert
- Supporting audio can be found here