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This is $9,431.75 worth of stuff from our studio

The XXXI (‘Thirty One’) shop is an experimental digital store where we can ❶ sell objects created by our community. These could take the form of books, posters, objects, or miscellany (miscellany being an all-encompassing word for things that defy logical classification); ❷ explore what a store that isn’t beholden to commercial success can do; ❸ make a physical place where we sell digital things, and a digital space where we sell physical things; ❹ experiment with different models of pricing, marketing, and commerce as it relates to our design practice; ❺ have fun.

If you would like us to carry something you make, send us a mail.

We also have a sometimes-open physical store at 411 E 9th St. ↗

xxxi storefront

Currently closed